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Name:Tim Drake-Wayne
Birthdate:Aug 27
There's been much that's gone on in the young life of Tim Drake. At age nine, he was able to deduce the identities of Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne as Nightwing and the Batman. Since then, he was able to meet and convince the pair that the Batman needed Robin, not long after the death of Jason Todd. Still idealistic, Bruce took Tim in and trained him, hard and rigorous, so the horrors that had befallen Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon would never happen to him. Despite Batman's every attempt to break him, Tim Drake drove on, and assumed the mantle of Robin.

The years would go on, and Tim would prove himself not only as a capable member of the Bat-Family, second only to Bruce in deductive reasoning, but would go on to lead such teams as Young Justice and the Teen Titans.

Now? Tim's been adopted by Bruce Wayne, and serves as a vigilante in Gotham as Red Robin.

Tim Drake belongs to DC Comics. Mun and muse are over 18.
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